Historic Restoration

“Restored wooden floors reflecting the afternoon sun, the Grandfather clock ticking in the hall, copper tub in the bath…Everything FEELS like the Victorian era again…”


Antique Home Renovation

Go back…back…back in time…

Houde Home Construction can see the historical charm and beauty in the oldest relic of a home and bring it back to new life with a long future of period representation.

From replacing the underlying infrastructure to polishing off the brass fixtures, the partners at Houde will work with you to design the perfect reflection of your property’s original glory, and restore it back in every detail by matching the materials that were used in it’s heyday.

From coal-fired brick and tongue-and-groove floors, to wrought-iron gates and spiral stairs, hand-carved moulding and elegant chair rails…these are a few of our favorite things!

Trust your historical property to craftsmen who will restore it’s original beauty for a rich, nostalgic experience that will shine for many decades to come.